SpecFlow+ is a set of extensions and tools to get more out of SpecFlow

  • Closer integration with your stakeholders
  • Enhanced integration with your development process and tool chain
  • Scalable test execution

BUY: € 159 / user  TRY SpecFlow+ Runner  TRY SpecFlow+ Excel

You can also contact us directly if you are interested in placing a larger order (5+ licenses).

Evaluation, Licensing and Support

Find out more about evaluation and how to register your purchased license key on the SpecFlow+ Evaluation page.

Learn more about SpecFlow+ licensing.

SpecFlow+ is supported through a Google Group. We also offer professional support for SpecFlow.

The SpecFlow+ EULA can be found here.

SpecFlow compared to SpecFlow+

SpecFlow is a great, free open source tool – and we always want to keep it that way. SpecFlow+ offers additional features that make you even more productive when working with SpecFlow.
Test assemblies written in .NET 2.0-4.5, MonoXX
Execute scenarios as unit tests with MSTest, NUnit, MbUnit, xUnit X X
Execute scenarios directly X
Visual Studio editor integration (syntax coloring, auto completion, navigation, skeleton generation, Gherkin table formatting) X X
Visual Studio Test Explorer integration (business readable scenario names, run/debug from feature file) X
Advanced test runner features (execution profiles, target environments, attach artifacts to test execution report, TFS and TeamCity build server integration, business-readable HTML report, complex scenario filter expressions) X
Dedicated support for integration test execution (config file transformation, deployment steps, test targets: re-run tests for different environments and configurations, detect flickering scenarios) X
Parallel test execution (app domain isolation, process isolation, execution results consolidation) X
Advanced test execution scheduling (run previously failing tests first, retry scenarios, execution history available as OData) X
Customize execution reports (Razor templates) X
Execute scenarios written in Excel (SpecFlow+ Excel) X

SpecFlow+ components

SpecFlow+ consists of the following components, which are all included with the SpecFlow+ license:

SpecFlow+ Runner
(formerly known as SpecRun)

Smarter integration test runner for SpecFlow

SpecFlow.Plus.Runner is a dedicated test execution engine providing better reporting, faster (parallel) test execution and better VS/TFS integration

SpecFlow+ Excel

Collaborate with business using Given/When/Then directly in Excel

SpecFlow.Plus.Excel is a SpecFlow extension that allows authoring Gherkin scenarios in Excel and directly executing them from there

The following components are planned for future releases of SpecFlow+

SpecFlow+ Studio A Visual Studio Shell based client, that allows you to edit and execute SpecFlow scenarios without Visual Studio.
SpecFlow+ Webtest

Makes automated web testing easier for ASP.NET MVC applications

  • Test first: bind automation steps using MVC terms like Controller, Model and Controller Action
  • Light weight execution: run tests through the full web stack without using IIS/IIS Express
  • Mocking/stubbing: runs tests in-proc allowing to control external dependencies
SpecFlow+ Cloud

Scalable test suites

Span test execution across multiple machines and/or machines in the cloud

SpecFlow+ TFS, SpecFlow+ JIRA

Links Gherkin feature files to work items

Delivery and Installation

If you purchase SpecFlow+ via SWREG (using the link above), you will be sent a license key by email. The email address you entered when purchasing is also used as the licensee.

Note: When ordering via SWREG, remove the extended download service from your basket. SpecFlow+ is hosted on nuget.org and there is no download available from SWREG!

SpecFlow+ is delivered in the form of NuGet packages hosted on nuget.org. You can install these packages directly from within Visual Studio’s NuGet package manager. You need to install the NuGet packages for each Visual Studio project that requires them.

In addition to the NuGet packages, you need to install the SpecFlow Visual Studio integration (again directly in Visual Studio). This step only needs to be performed once.

Installing the NuGet packages installs SpecFlow and SpecFlow+ to the /packages folder of your Visual Studio solution. After installing the packages, register your license by starting SpecRun.exe (in /packages/SpecRun.Runner.1.x.y/tools) from the command line using the following syntax:

SpecRun.exe register <LicenseKey> "<Licensee>"

(replace the placeholders indicated by angled brackets with your license key and licensee)

For more information on installing SpecFlow+, refer to the Installation section of the documentation, or follow our Getting Started guide that covers the installation process as well as guiding you through the process of setting up your first SpecFlow project.