SpecFlow+ is a set of extensions and tools to get more out of SpecFlow

  • Closer integration with your stakeholders
  • Enhanced integration with your development process and tool chain
  • Scalable test execution

BUY: € 159 / user  TRY SpecFlow+ Runner  TRY SpecFlow+ Excel

Evaluation, Licensing and Support

Find out more about evaluation and how to register your purchased license key on the SpecFlow+ Evaluation page.

Learn more about SpecFlow+ licensing.

SpecFlow+ is supported through a Google Group. We also offer professional support for SpecFlow.

The SpecFlow+ EULA can be found here

SpecFlow compared to SpecFlow+

SpecFlow is a great, free open source tool – and we always want to keep it that way. SpecFlow+ offers additional features that make you even more productive when working with SpecFlow.
Test assemblies written in .NET 2.0-4.5, MonoXX
Execute scenarios as unit tests with MSTest, NUnit, MbUnit, xUnit X X
Execute scenarios directly X
Visual Studio editor integration (syntax coloring, auto completion, navigation, skeleton generation, Gherkin table formatting) X X
Visual Studio Test Explorer integration (business readable scenario names, run/debug from feature file) X
Advanced test runner features (execution profiles, target environments, attach artifacts to test execution report, TFS integration, TeamCity integration, business-readable HTML report, complex scenario filter expressions) X
Dedicated support for integration test execution (config file transformation, deployment steps, test targets: re-run tests for different environments and configurations, detect flickering scenarios) X
Parallel test execution (app domain isolation, process isolation, execution results consolidation) X
Advanced test execution scheduling (run previously failing tests first, retry scenarios, execution history available as OData) X
Customize execution reports (Razor templates) X
Execute scenarios written in Excel (SpecFlow+ Excel) X

SpecFlow+ components

SpecFlow+ consists of the following components, which are all included with the SpecFlow+ license:

SpecFlow+ Runner
(formerly known as SpecRun)

Smarter integration test runner for SpecFlow

SpecFlow.Plus.Runner is a dedicated test execution engine providing better reporting, faster (parallel) test execution and better VS/TFS integration

SpecFlow+ Excel

Collaborate with business using Given/When/Then directly in Excel

SpecFlow.Plus.Excel is a SpecFlow extension that allows authoring Gherkin scenarios in Excel and directly executing them from there

Future releases of SpecFlow+ are planned to provide the following components

SpecFlow+ Studio A Visual Studio Shell based client, that allows you to edit and execute SpecFlow scenarios without Visual Studio.
SpecFlow+ Webtest

Makes automated web testing easier for ASP.NET MVC applications

  • Test first: bind automation steps using MVC terms like Controller, Model and Controller Action
  • Light weight execution: run tests through the full web stack without using IIS/IIS Express
  • Mocking/stubbing: runs tests in-proc allowing to control external dependencies
SpecFlow+ Cloud

Scalable test suites

Span test execution across multiple machines and/or machines in the cloud

SpecFlow+ TFS, SpecFlow+ JIRA

Links Gherkin feature files to work items