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Are you a SpecFlow expert? Are you an experienced trainer and interested in sharing your knowledge with the community? TechTalk is looking for trainers around the globe who are interested in holding SpecFlow training courses.

TechTalk holds several English-language courses a year in various European cities such as Budapest, London and Vienna, as well as less regular courses in New York. In order to reach out to a larger number of users, we are on the lookout for trainers who are would like to hold our Developing with SpecFlow course at additional locations, in either English or your local language.

About the Developing with SpecFlow Course

The course consists of 3 days, with different agendas on each day that cater to different target audiences. Attendees can choose which days to attend, with most attendees only attending those days that cater to their interests. For a more complete breakdown of the material covered each day and the intended audience, refer to the course agenda. The course is designed for classes of between 3-20 with a range of exercises that need to be completed in pairs or groups of three.

DSC_6625 We offer:
  • Full course material (in English) for all three days, including:
    • PowerPoint presentations for each day
    • Timetable for each module and the exercises
    • Source code forming the basis for practical exercises, and the solutions (as a Git repository)
    • Various hand-outs for attendees
    • A list of questions to include in your feedback form
  • Joint marketing: Announce your course on the SpecFlow website and address the SpecFlow community directly
  • Train-the-trainer course
  • Trainer accreditation
  • Attendee certification

Accredited trainers must use the material provided by TechTalk to hold courses. These courses will be announced on the SpecFlow website in order to reach as wide an audience as possible.

We expect:
  • In-depth experience with SpecFlow, C# and Gherkin
  • Experience as a trainer or consultant


Before you can become an accredited SpecFlow trainer, you will need to participate in a 2-3 hour preliminary session, which can be held remotely. You will also need to attend all three days of the course at one of TechTalk’s training sessions, as well a train-the-trainer session on a fourth day exclusively for future trainers. This session allows you to discuss the course and ask any questions you may have, as well as share any feedback. The session also allows TechTalk to assess your suitability for holding the course.

A list of currently scheduled training courses can be found here. You will need to pay the full course price plus an additional attendance fee of EUR 1,200 for the train-the-trainer session on the fourth day. This additional fee for the fourth day will however be waived if three or more candidates from your company are attending all four days.

Course Material Licensing Fees

TechTalk charges a small license fee per attendee per day for the use of the course material and to cover the costs of issuing certificates for each attendee.

Course Fees and Organisation

Organising the course and venue is up to you, as is the attendance fee you charge participants. TechTalk will announce your course on the official SpecFlow website and can provide you with basic marketing material, but the remaining organisation is your responsibility.

Other Languages

TechTalk currently only offers courses in English, and all course material is only available in English. You can hold the course in any language you are comfortable with, but TechTalk cannot provide you with the course material in other languages. If you require the course material in another language, you will need to arrange for it to be translated professionally.

Accredited Trainers

Get In Touch

If you are interested in becoming an accredited SpecFlow trainer, contact us including information on your experience as a trainer and with SpecFlow, and where you are interested in holding courses. Please also include information on where you would like to attend the course and train-the-trainer session, if possible.