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Custom reports & build integration

SpecFlow scenarios are more than just technical tests. They carry important information about project feature status and progress (“living documentation“). Therefore it is very important that the scenarios and their test execution result are accessible by the product owner and other stakeholders. This might require you to generate custom reports that suit your corporate environment or that can be used as input data for an enterprise reporting service.

Other extensions

SpecFlow has been designed to be highly customisable. You can alter the behavior of nearly every feature, including test generation, support for special tags, and executing tests in a special context.

Our offer

At TechTalk, we have configured and used SpecFlow in many different environments, and we can help you do this in your environment too. Our service delivery team is led by Gaspar Nagy, the lead developer of SpecFlow.

SpecFlow+ offers a number of enhancements for SpecFlow developed by TechTalk.

Take advantage of TechTalk’s professional services for dedicated support, tool customisation and prioritised implementation of features or fixes.