Developing with SpecFlow Course Agenda

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The course lasts 3 days, with each module taking place on a separate day.

Module 1: SpecFlow Collaborator – Capturing specification workshop results in Gherkin

  • Quick Specification by Example intro/refresher
  • Introduction to Gherkin
  • Capturing the result of specification workshops in formalized Gherkin scenarios
  • Collaboration patterns for working with Gherkin
  • Writing styles and Gherkin patterns/anti-patterns
Target audience: Product Owners, Business Analysts, Testers, Developers … – anyone involved in Specficiation-By-Example workshops that yield formalized Gherkin specifications. No development knowledge required.

Module 2: SpecFlow Developer – Core concepts and ATDD basics

  • Introduction to SpecFlow
  • Introduction to the Acceptance Test Driven Development workflow (test first, outside-in)
  • Core concepts for (A)TDD: mocking, stubbing, dependency injection
  • Domain layer automation (automating under the skin)
  • Dealing with external dependencies
  • Flickering scenarios
Target audience: Developers, Testers who are involved in automating Gherkin scenarios. Attendees should feel comfortable in using Visual Studio and reading code. Testers will pair with Developers to learn work on basic automation of scenarios.

Module 3: SpecFlow Wizard – Advanced topics

  • UI layer automation (MVC ASP.NET, Driver, PageObject pattern)
  • Handling the database
  • Organizing step definitions
  • Defaults and implicit assumptions of scenarios
  • Automapper and SpecFlow.Assist
  • Putting it all together: implement new functionality with BDD
Target audience: Developers, Testers with a strong development background. Attendees should feel comfortable writing code in Visual Studio and have a basic understanding of MVC and web technologies.