SpecFlow+ Evaluation

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Each SpecFlow+ component can be evaluated free of charge. All features are available, but there are minor restrictions in place that should not impact on your ability to evaluated the software (see details below).

Although you can use the tools with these limitation, using the tools for production purposes in evaluation mode is prohibited. You can use and evaluate the SpecFlow+ components in a real project, but only for the purpose of evaluating the components themselves and not as part of your main development cycle. If you have used any SpecFlow+ component while in evaluation mode to develop significant parts of your project, you need to purchase the necessary SpecFlow+ licenses at the latest before releasing the software developed with SpecFlow+.

Installation and Download

SpecFlow+ is delivered in the form of NuGet packages hosted on nuget.org. You can install these packages directly from within Visual Studio’s NuGet package manager. You need to install the NuGet packages for each Visual Studio project that requires them.

In addition to the NuGet packages, you need to install the SpecFlow Visual Studio integration (again directly in Visual Studio). This step only needs to be performed once.

For more information on installing SpecFlow+, refer to the Installation section of the documentation, or follow our Getting Started guide that covers the installation process as well as guiding you through the process of setting up your first SpecFlow project.

SpecFlow+ Runner Evaluation

All of SpecFlow+ Runner’s features can be used in evaluation mode, and you can even measure the performance improvement caused by parallel test execution and other features in SpecFlow+ Runner. The evaluation version adds a random 5-15 second delay before executing tests. This delay only occurs once per test execution, irrespective of the number of individual tests that are executed.

When using SpecFlow+ Runner from the Visual Studio Test Explorer, an additional test is added to the test suite that represents this delay. This test is always executed regardless of the filter conditions you specify.

A note that you are using the evaluation version is also added to the test execution reports.

SpecFlow+ Excel Evaluation

All of SpecFlow+ Excel’s features can be used in evaluation mode. In evaluation mode, an extra scenario is generated in each Excel feature file with title “SpecFlow+ Excel Evaluation Mode”. The scenario has a single step, that is not bound by default, so when executed, this test fails as “pending”. 

A note that you are using the evaluation version is also added to the header of the generated files.

Registering SpecFlow+

After purchasing SpecFlow+, you will receive a license key. You can register your license using the SpecRun.exe command line tool or SpecFlow+ Excel’s converter tool. Your registered license is valid for all SpecFlow+ components and only needs to be registered once.

SpecRun.exe is located in the packages/SpecRun.Runner.{version}/tools folder of your solution. Use SpecRun.exe help register for more information.

To register your license, open a command prompt, navigate to the directory containing SpecRun.exe and enter:

SpecRun.exe register licenseKey issuedTo

Replace the following:

  • licenseKey Replace “licenseKey” with your license key.
  • issuedTo Replace “issuedTo” with the exact ‘issued to’ value used to make your purchase. If the ‘issued to’ value of your license contains spaces, surround the value with quotation marks (“). The “issued to” value is usually the email address you used to purchase SpecFlow+.


SpecRun.exe register KGg45...A== "John Doe"