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Excel spreadsheets are commonly used to describe rules and calculations by businesses in the financial and engineering sectors. Excel provides a convenient environment for working with large amounts of tabular data, using formulas to perform calculations (equivalent to abstract specifications or rules) and display their results (equivalent to example sets). This approach is well suited to Specification by Example, BDD and of course SpecFlow!

SpecFlow+ Excel is a SpecFlow plugin that allows you to define requirements and example sets in Excel files. These requirements can be used in a same way as normal plain text Gherkin feature files.

There are two ways to use the Excel files to extend your specifications:

  • Define an entire feature file in Excel using the worksheets as scenarios
  • Extend scenario outline examples in normal plain text feature files with Excel tables

SpecFlow+ Excel integrates well into the SpecFlow development process and tool chain, but its functions are also available through a command line interface, so it can also be used with any tool in the Cucumber family, such as Cucumber, Cucumber-JVM or Behat. The command line tool also works on non-Windows platforms using Mono.

SpecFlow+ Excel is part of SpecFlow+, a set of extensions to SpecFlow is available.

Check out this video of Gaspar Nagy’s presentation at CukeUp! 2014 for more details and a live demo.

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