SpecFlow+ Excel Release Notes

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1.2.0 – 2014/04/23

This is the first production release. The component can be purchased as part of SpecFlow+. See SpecFlow+ page for details.

Evaluation: You can evaluate all features of SpecFlow+ Excel for free. In evaluation mode, an extra scenario is generated with title “SpecFlow+ Excel Evaluation Mode”. See SpecFlow+ Evaluation page for details.

Documentation: Please also check the new documentation pages.

Migration from beta releases:

The name and the ID of the NuGet package has been changed to SpecFlow.Plus.Excel. There is an updated compatibility package created with the old name, that only contains a dependency to the new package, but we recommend to use the new package directly.

New Features:

  • #15683: Support for longer scenario titles (worksheet names are restricted to 31 characters). When you enter “Scenario:” or “Scenario Outline:” in a cell in the first column, the content of the second column cell in the same row will be used as scenario title. See “Basic Scenario” feature for details.
  • #16232: The feature does not need to be tagged to be able to extend scenario outline examples from Excel. (Previously an @external-source tag was necessary.)
  • #16254: Allow including generated feature files (from Excel) to the project without making them sub-items of the Excel file. The generated feature files are named like MyCalculation.feature.xlsx.feature.
  • #16227: Allow specifying worksheet name for Excel examples using the @source:MyExcelFile.xlsx:Sheet1 format. If worksheet name is not specified, the plugin tries to use a sheet named like the scenario outline or uses the first worksheet if there is no match.

Fixed issues:

  • #15203: Loading scenario outline examples does not work with unit test provider ‘SpecRun+NUnit’ and ‘SpecRun+MsTest’.
  • #16210: Unable to use Excel examples from NUnit. NUnit does not support category names including ‘-‘. The tag is not necessary anymore, see #16232.
  • #15682: Feature files are re-generated unnecessarily because of .NET version differences. The .NET version differences are ignored now.
  • #16240: ForceGeneration has to be set to use Excel examples. This flag is not needed anymore.
  • #13833: New and renamed files are not processed by build-time generation. Works now as expected.

1.1.0 – 2014/01/16

New Features:

  • #13710: Background can be defined a worksheet with name “Background” (or the equivalent in the feature language)
  • #13813: The plugin generates a plain-text feature file in addition to the test class in order to help navigation, debugging, etc.
    • The generation can be switched off by specifying a “skip-feature-file” tag on the feature excel.
    • When the generated feature file is included into the project, the “Custom Tool” setting has to be cleared out in the project node, and it has to be added as a sub-item of the excel file to avoid duplicate generation.

Fixed issues:

  • #13709: Decimal placeholders are generated according to the machine culture not to the feature language
  • #13712: Tables containing merged cells may cause table parts not processed
  • #13726: Double test platform configuration (SpecRun+NUnit) generates code that does not compile
  • #13760: Data type formatting is not applied for cells calculated with formulas

Known issues:

  • #13833: he build target in Visual Studio 2013 is not notified when a new file is added or a file is removed. As a workaround, you need to re-open Visual Studio.


1.0.0 – 2013/12/13

Initial release