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Community support

SpecFlow is used by a helpful and knowledgeable community that support each other. If you are having problems with SpecFlow, the following are good places to turn for a solution:

  • SpecFlow Google Group: You may be able to find a solution to your issue in the discussions here.
  • Stack Overflow: SpecFlow is also popular on StackOverflow, so you might find the answer to your question here as well.
  • GitHub issue list: You can check here to see if the problem you’re experiencing is a known issue.

If you are unable to find an answer to your question in the documentation and the resources listed above, ask the community by posting your issue to either the Google group, Stack Overflow or GitHub.

Professional support

If you are under time pressure, you can also contact us for professional support services. TechTalk offers paid support invoiced either by effort or incident. These costs are outlined in the table below.

Pay per minute € 35 / 15 minutes
Pay per incident € 300 / incident
Quick start

Covers specifc topics such as:

  • Advanced test reporting
  • SpecFlow build server integration: TFS, TeamCity, Jenkins
  • Automation with SpecFlow for particular technologies: ASP.NET MVC, WPF
  • SpecFlow 1+1
Custom (private) extensions to SpecFlow Fixed priced implementations, support for future releases

Support provided based on time expenditure covers analysing and resolving the issue to the extent possible in the time available. As a rough guideline, analysing a problem generally takes around 1 hour. Small issues can normally be fixed within an additional 2 hours. We may be able to provide you with a rough estimate of the effort required to fix a bug once the issue has been submitted.

Support provided per incident covers analysing your issue and determining whether your issue is an actual bug. We cannot guarantee that bugfixes will be covered by the incident fee, but we will make our best effort to provide a workaround or fix minor bugs within the scope of the incident. If fixing the issue would be a complex undertaking, you will at least receive confirmation that your issue is a bug.

If we are unable to fix the issue within the agreed time or within the scope of an incident, we can offer to provide a bugfix for a fixed fee. This bugfix will then be incorporated into the current version of SpecFlow for the benefit of the community.

You can also conclude an SLA with TechTalk covering a specific budget if you require support on a regular basis.

When requesting remote support, please send us the questions or topics you want to cover and suggest suitable time slots for scheduling the remote session (note that TechTalk is based in Vienna, i.e. UTC +1). We’ll send you a proposal according to your needs and possible session times within 1 business day.