SpecFlow eco-system

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If you are looking to get the most out of SpecFlow and agile development, check out these related tools.


Get smarter feedback with SpecFlow+ Runner

SpecFlow+ Runner (formerly known as SpecRun) is a smart test runner that integrates with SpecFlow and Visual Studio

  • Speed up your tests using parallel execution
  • Simplify your test setup
  • Get better feedback on your test executions
  • Generate customisable test reports

Define requirements in Excel with SpecFlow+ Excel

SpecFlow+ Excel is a SpecFlow extension that allows you to define requirements and example data in Excel. You can use your Excel sheets in the same way as plain Gherkin text files while benefiting from the advantages of Excel.

  • Define entire feature files in Excel using worksheets as scenarios
  • Extend plain text scenario outline examples with Excel tables
  • Use formulas to ensure your test data behaves as intended with complex financial calculations
  • Format files using Excel’s formatting options (fonts, shading etc.)

Living documentation with SpecLog

SpecLog is a visual tool for managing requirements using story maps. You can define requirements and acceptance criteria, link Gherkin feature files and display the current status of test cases when using a SpecFlow server.

  • Write story cards and capture your story maps electronically
  • Supports infinite workspaces, so you will never run out of walls again!
  • Link feature files to user stories
  • Extend requirements with acceptance criteria and attachments
  • Synchronise requirements with your work item system (TFS/JIRA)
  • Build up a living documentation including your SpecFlow tests
  • Supports remote collaboration

Visit the SpecLog web site for more information.

Third-Party Tools

  • Pickles – the open source living documentation generator: Generate documentation in a variety of formats (searchable HTML, Word etc.); built-in support for SpecFlow+ Runner. For more information on Pickles, see the online documentation.
  • NCrunch plugin for SpecFlow – Use tags in your feature files to control the generation of NCrunch attributes in the code, allowing you to control how your tests are run in parallel by the engine.