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Binding business requirements to .NET code

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Use SpecFlow to define, manage and execute automated acceptance tests from business-readable specifications. SpecFlow acceptance tests follow the BDD paradigm: define specifications using examples understandable to business users as well as developers and testers. SpecFlow integrates with Visual Studio, but can be also used from the command line (e.g. on a build server).

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  • The essence in three easy steps

    1. Specify!

      Describe the behavior of your system using human-readable syntax. Define specifications in the problem domain using the language of your stakeholders and build up a living documentation of your system.

    2. Automate!

      Bind your test specifications to your application code to automate the testing of your system. Ensure that all your tests pass!

    3. Develop!

      Run your automated tests periodically to ensure that any changes to your system have not introduced errors. Refactor existing test cases and extend your test suite with new ones as your system evolves with your stakeholders’ needs.

    Open Source

    SpecFlow is open source and provided under a BSD license. As a part of the Cucumber family, SpecFlow uses the official Gherkin parser and provides integration to the .NET framework, Silverlight, Windows Phone and Mono.

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